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Just to remind you that this Friday, from 7.40pm at the Friends Meeting House, Chris Eddy will be speaking on ‘Loving Your Enemy’.  Chris says:

The command to love your enemies is often regarded as an absurd example of Christian moral extremism, but I shall argue that it is a quite straight-forward consequence of the so-called Golden Rule, which requires us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.   I shall argue that the Golden Rule, properly interpreted, has two requirements: 1. That we never act maliciously, i.e., with the deliberate intention of harming another’s interests,  and 2. That we never act recklessly, i.e., without regard to another’s interests, even if he makes himself our enemy by acting maliciously or recklessly towards us, so that, if “loving” someone consists in having his interests always at heart, then the Golden Rule requires us quite simply to love our enemies.   I shall also argue that the Golden Rule is universally obligatory since it can’t be responsibly repudiated.   As I have observed on a previous occasion, the fundamental principles of morality are very simple, but that, in morality as in war (according to Clausewitz), even the simplest thing – for fallible creatures such as ourselves – can be very difficult.


I hope to see you there.


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This week,

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