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Across the world, 30 billion barrels of crude-oil are produced each year, not only for fuel but to make practically all products ranging from plastics to pharmaceuticals. Nearly all of our food also depends entirely on oil. However, world oil production is set to decline within 5 years, so we must change how we live.

The subject of this week’s talk is highly topical, and will remain so as cheap oil reserves become relentlessly depleted, changing the face of the modern world. Our speaker, Professor Chris Rhodes, is Director of Fresh-lands Environmental Actions, and is based in Reading. He has written numerous scientific articles and recently published his first novel (http://universityshambles.com ), a black comedy on the disintegration of the British university system.


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This Friday, Sue Brayne, end-of-life researcher and author of The D-Word: Talking about Dying looks at why it’s so difficult to talk openly and honestly about death and dying.  She also presents fascinating research into end-of-life experiences, such as deathbed visions, and discusses the importance of understanding the dying process, how to support the dying themselves, and the effect this can have on relatives and carers.

Sue is co-author of  Nearing the end of life: a guide for relatives and friends which is available on Kindle.  Please check it out, and pass on the link to those who may be in need of help and support while caring for someone approaching the end of their life.

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Due to our planned speaker’s unfortunate unavailability due to ill health, our honorary president Chris Eddy is stepping into the breach and will talk about whether brothels should be legalised, and also, more generally, will argue that the standard arguments against sex-work should be rejected.


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This week, Swindon South MP (and Barrister) Robert Buckland visits the Phil Soc to talk on this subject.  He says:

“My title is really a question: can One Nation Conservatism survive following the decline of deference? My answer is a robust yes. I will explore how One Nation Conservatism in its modern form is not about stuffy paternalism or old answers to old problems but instead about utilising the dynamism of the modern capitalist society to remedy new social problems. The Conservative party is still uniquely placed to square the circle; to channel ‘private enterprise in the public interest’ as R.A.Butler put it.”

Do come along to what promises to be a partucularly interesting evening.

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