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 This week our speaker will be Paul Archer – who says……  A big question is how the creative pluralism of the market fits with the ethic of equality that characterises the Left.  In particular, there has been some interesting thinking in economics about whether increasing inequality has been good or bad for our collective economic success.  I want to discuss what counts as economic success, what factors might make growing inequality bad for economic success, and what the evidence suggests.  I hope you can make it.


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Welcome back to the first week of the summer term’s events. This week, our honorary president, Chris Eddy, is tackling one of the most perplexing questions of our time: the so-called “hard problem” of consciousness. This is what he says:

“If consciousness is a state of the brain, an electro-chemical relation between neurons, then we must look to biological science for our understanding of it; however, if, as I think, consciousness is a relation between organisms mediated by language, whereby attention is focused onto objects, ideas and sensations, then not biology, but history, sociology and philosophy must be our guides to understanding it. Thomas Nagel asked “What is it like to be a bat?” and concluded that it is not ‘like’ anything: I agree, and, in the perspective I shall offer, nothing is ‘like’ anything unless you have a language in which to construct the idea of ‘likeness’.”


Come along on Friday to the Friends’ Meeting House to find out more.

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