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This Friday, Malcolm Morrison will outline, and hopefully promote discussion and debate about, some of the issues raised in his recently published book, “A Question of Balance – Towards a Better Britain?” He will concentrate on the present state of our democracy and the role of Parliament and Government – making some suggestions for improvement that may seem radical, if not revolutionary, to some.
He will also discuss the freedom, and power, of The Press.


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In this talk, Chris Eddy will aim to show that the familiar confrontation between the New Atheists and the Traditional Believers, although it does represent a real disagreement, is actually a form of ritual combat with which each side feels comfortable; and is a kind of intellectual cartel in which the participants conspire to recognise each other as their only real opponents, thereby excusing themselves and each other from having to consider challenges with which they are less familiar and against which they are ill-prepared to defend themselves. Chris regards this confrontation as a Punch and Judy show which provides a great deal of rudeness and bad temper as a substitute for careful thought.

Come along and find out…..

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The Philosophical Society’s 48th year  kicks off with a two-handed debate on Sam Harris’s most recent work.                                                                          Harris became a founder member of the New Atheists with his first book “The End of Faith.”  In “The Moral Landscape”, he targets not just the dogmatic religious view of morality but also those who, by accepting that science can have nothing to say on the subject, have fallen into a dangerous relativism.  The subtitle “How Science Can Determine Human Values” challenges the three centuries of ethical thought since David Hume.

We’re back at the very congenial Friends’ Meeting House in Eastcott Hill – starting at 7.40 and ending later in a nearby public house  – so be there or be…… unphilosophical.

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