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1st October meeting…..

This Friday the topic is “Will the religious inherit the earth?”

John Little will draw upon the work of Eric Kaufmann, which provides evidence that fundamentalist poulations around the world are out-breeding the secular.

Will the ‘march of secularism’ be reversed?   Come along to Friends Meeting House this Friday at 7.40 and find out… and let people hear your views!


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very interesting first meeting – good to see lots of new facers.
This Friday Chris Eddy will speak on this subject:
In legal and constitutional usage, your “will” is a statement of what you want done, as in “Last Will”, or consenting to a proposed course of medical treatment. In modern philosophical and psychological usage, it’s a motivational force you discover within yourself. The former is necessarily interpersonal and language-dependent, but the latter is intrapersonal and independent of language. Chris will argue that the legal and constitutional usage has demonstrated its meaningfulness in practice, but the psycho-philosophical usage, which now passes almost for common sense, is a piece of self-contradictory mysticism motivated only by individualist ideology.
Hmmm….. let’s see!

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This is a reminder that the Philosophy season begins this Friday, 17th September. The new venue is the Friends Meeting House at the bottom of Eastcott Hill, starting at 7.40pm. The first speaker will be Dr Peter Royle, who will be interviewed about the ideas and books that have influenced his life, as part of our longstanding ‘In the Philosopher’s Chair’ series. If you’re interested, just turn up! The Society is a friendly bunch of characters, and the fee is a trifling £2.00 (free for students).

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